International conference builds interest in lecturers ‘non-linear dynamics’ research

Lincoln’s School of Engineering Senior Lecturer gets recognition for his research in ‘non-linear dynamics’ following a 3-day conference in Ukraine.


Dr Fotios Georgiadis joined academics and fellow researchers from across the globe for the ‘5th International Conference on Non-linear Dynamics’ in Kharkov at the end of September.

The conference brought together scientists and engineers to present and propose their analytical theories and further applications of non-linear dynamics in mechanics as global research trend.

His research on vibrations of rotating structures was one of over 75 papers submitted from countries such as the UK, Australia, Russia, Sweden and more. Since presenting his paper on the non-linear dynamics of a speeding shaft, Fotios has seen a rise of global interest in his work.

With an emphasis on heavy mathematics of non-linear dynamics, the aim of Dr Georgiadis research focuses on avoiding critical situations in mechanical systems during starting up and shutting down process of a machine.


Fotios says he has had a lot of interest into his research since the conference.

Dr Georgiadis is known in the Nonlinear Dynamicist from his PhD, his Post-Doc and also as a Marie Curie Fellow to provide expertise for building Centre of Excellence, and was invited to participate on this conference to present his current work which is in new areas of nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems. His research may even feature in ‘Nonlinear Dynamics’ – the most highly valued journal amongst non-linear dynamic researchers – for a special issue from the conference.

Following the conference, Fotios has been invited to give a seminar in SANU Mathematical Institute of Academy of Sciences, Serbia, and also to collaborate with fellow researchers from Russian Academy of Sciences and from Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

The conference was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Academician Rvachev V.L, and was organised by five institutions from across Ukraine, Canada and Israel – ‘National Technical University “KhPI”’, McGill University, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, the Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems in Ukraine, and the Institute of Mechanics NAS of Ukraine.