Engineering lecturer turns to book writing

Senior Lecturer Dr Rebecca Margetts from the Lincoln School of Engineering has put pen to paper and become a published author of an engineering book.


Dr Margetts has put her latest research findings and expertise in writing to collaborate on the book called ‘Bond Graphs for Modelling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Engineering Systems’.

Bond Graph methodology is a graphical representation of a physical dynamical system (similar to block diagrams or signal-flow graphs) that show the exchange of physical energy.

Rebecca wrote the chapter ‘Dynamic Causality in Hybrid Bond Graphs‘ with her PhD supervisor Dr Roger Ngwompo, University of Bath, and explains how the section covers an important part of her research on ‘how to make a computer model of an engineering system where there is a discontinuity’.

She said: “I use a technique called Bond Graphs to help me construct some mathematical equations in a rigorous manner, by looking at how power is transferred. I extended this technique (with the help of my PhD supervisor Roger Ngwompo, University of Bath) to look at discontinuities in detail, and obtain what we call a hybrid model.”

Dr Margetts was invited to collaborate on the publication by the editor Dr Wolfgang Borutzky, a highly influential figure in the field of bond graph modelling and simulation.

She says the book is aimed at researchers and expert practitioners in bond graphs, complementing previous books by Borutsky that introduced the bond graph theory, but can be a great asset to students and engineers in training.

“Bond graphs offer a fairly accessible way for practicing engineers and researchers to model and understand complex systems.”

The book will be available as a hardcopy and electronic copy. You can buy the chapter or whole book from here:

Congratulations Becky! We cannot wait to read it