Student collaboration and further testing

Engineering Students reach Gate 3

Students have started testing their solutions for industry and have now reached their gate 3 assessments where they are expected to present their final designs and solutions for the project.

At this stage in the project the two different options (Electrical and Mechanical) take two different pathways.

IMG_0781 IMG_0780







Electrical: as the teams that are trying to design an electrically assisted bike for Jason Bradbury to race up Michealgate, with limited funds and supplies donated by Chain Reaction Cycles they can only design one bike. Instead of each team designing their own bike and then Jason picking the best one which he thinks will get him to the top of Michealgate the fastest, the teams collectively will choose parts and sections from each others designs do construct the final bike. The teams met with Jason the other day to share their work with their design ideas so that they can discuss with Jason on which solution would be most effective.

After meeting with Jason each team assigned each other specific elements of the bike in which to research as well as purchasing specific parts to start constructing and testing the bike.


IMG_0431Mechanical: The teams that are undertaking the mechanical project of attempting the detect voids within the resin of generator coils for Cummins UK are still undergoing various tests and experiments in the process of trying to detect voids in a non-destructive process. In previous testing solutions we have seen teams try using thermal imaging to try detect the voids thinking that they may show up cooler on than the coils and the resin.



Teams have also adapted various other means of testing, including working alongside Siemens engineers using as many methods as possible to detect the voids within the resin.

IMG_0715 IMG_0696 IMG_0694


Teams have only one more Gate assessment left before their final solution has been chosen, designed and tested as a prototype. We will catch up with our teams again in Gate 4.