2nd Year Trip to Cummins UK

A group of our 2nd year students recently visited Cummins UK as part of their studies. Cummins are “…the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines, building over a million engines a year…” and the visit is part of the 2nd year industry sponsored design project where students are to try and solve a “real” problem.

There were two projects on offer for students to choose;

Mechanical – To provide a system to separate the locate and quantify voids in the insulation of large generator coils. The project basic issues: -Generator coils are located in the slots in both the stator and rotor and these are secured by a layer of insulating resin cast between the individual wires. During manufacture, this resin can form voids where the insulation and the thermal conductivity for the wires can be compromised. This idea is to consider non-destructive methods to determine the location of these voids and estimate their size.

  • The non destructive inspection method should be quick and simple.
  • The system must cost less the £1,000 and have an operating cost of less than £10 per full inspection.
  • The method can be mechanical, electrical, acoustic, or other non invasive method.

Control – Develop a solution for a novel electric assisted bike (the bike would be designed for Jason Bradbury to use and would also involve regular student meetings with him), with various Mechanical, Electrical and Control design elements to consider such as which bike, which motor and speed/torque control in addition to costs.

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