Visit to the National Railway Museum

A group of third year Engineering students were given the opportunity to visit the National Railway Museum, York, on Monday 6th February along with Industrial Professor Ron Bickerton.

The purpose of this trip was to allow students to closely analyse the contents and specifics of a steam engine. Students were also able to test their analytical skills and knowledge of steam powered engines and were set the task of working out how a steam engine works on a technical basis, for example, how a steam engine is able to move forwards and backwards, without the use of a gearbox. They were also given the chance to analyse various engines in order to discover whether certain parts made the machines behave differently.

As a result of this visit, students are currently working on individual projects to define a conclusion on how a steam engine is able to function.

Overall, the visit was a fantastic chance for students to assess multiple steam engines throughout the museum to attain first hand experience, and apply their knowledge learnt at the School of Engineering.


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