The Next Edition in Engineering

Dr. Nick Tucker, Reader in Manufacturing and Materials at the School of Engineering, University of Lincoln confirmed that he has two book chapters in press.

Following on from the success of Dr. Rebecca Margetts book chapter in “Bond Graphs for Modelling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Engineering Systems”, Dr Nick Tucker has written two chapters on his research themes of materials and manufacturing.

In “Hoki to Nanotechnology: A Marine By-Products Story”, in his book “Scientific Sleuthing: Chemical Discoveries Made in New Zealand”, Nick writes with colleagues Dr. Kathleen Hofman and Dr Nigel Larsen from the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research examining the history of the New Zealand fishing industry. He also illustrates how his research work on making nano-scale fibres thinner than the wavelength of visible light, now means that some of the 65% of the New Zealand Hoki fish catch that used to go as low value fish meal, can be made into very high value products.

Dr Tucker says of his work, “Developments like this mean that the fishing industry can improve profitability without having to increase their catch, with clear benefits for the sustainability of the industry. Our engineering research at Lincoln forms a pathway for the transformation of low value co-product raw materials into high-tech, high value materials”

Green Composites edited


In his second chapter, Dr Tucker writes as part of an internationally recognised team of contributors in the second edition of “Green Composites: Waste-based Materials for a Sustainable Future” on clean manufacturing for composites. He shows that consumers, companies, and legislators are beginning to recognise both the internal and external value of good corporate citizenship and the intelligent stewardship of finite resources.

This is great news for Dr Tucker and we are highly anticipating the availability of his two books.


“Hoki to Nanotechnology: a Marine By-Products Story” – chapter in “Scientific Sleuthing: chemical discoveries made in New Zealand”, R. Hurrell and B. Williamson (Eds), Clerestory Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, ISBN 978-0-9922517-7-2, 2016

“Clean Production” – chapter in “Green Composites: Waste-based Materials for a Sustainable Future.” Caroline Bailey (Ed), 2nd edition, Elsevier, 2017