Lincoln College workshop with Level 1 students

Level 1 mechanical engineering students attend a week long workshop at Lincoln College introducing them to the practical side of engineering.

On the week beginning 13th of February, mechanical engineering students from the School of Engineering, University of Lincoln, spent a week at Lincoln College applying their skills in engineering to their first University project.







Their task was to construct a compressed air powered motor from scratch with the use of all the tools and equipment at Lincoln College (pictured, below).


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This is the Level 1 students first University practical workshop, aimed to introduce them to using their theory and underpinning knowledge in a practical manner. According to supervising senior lecturer, Professor Ron Bickerton, all students handled the task with ease with many constructing successful air compressed powered motors.

Amy Lewis, a Level 1 student said, “I can’t wait to get into more practicals and activities such as these workshops.”

The below video demonstrates a student putting his completed motor into action.