Visiting Prof awarded for research in Wireless Sensor Networks

Professor Lei Shu, researcher and academic in the field of wireless sensor networks, has paid a visit to the School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln.

Professor Shu’s visit was to represent the Guandgdong University of Petrochemical Technology (GDUPT), China. As part of his visit, a ‘Joint Research Institute’ (JRI) between the two academic institutes has been established with assistance from our Head of School, Professor Tim Gordon and Senior Lecture, Dr Yu Zhang.

The remit of the JRI will be to focus primarily on the creation of innovative models of study to attract world class students and to promote academic and cultural communications.

An international joint supervision programme is to be launched as soon as possible to recruit international PhD students who would be supervised by senior academics from both universities. Students who study at the University of Lincoln and GDUPT China would be able to complete their PhD study with a 2+1 planning.

It is hoped that the opportunities offered by this venture will accelerate the development of advanced international education and academic collaboration, strengthening in particular the friendship and collaboration between the universities of UK and China.

During his visit, Professor Shu was awarded ‘Lincoln Prof of wireless sensor networks’ by David Cobham (Pro Vice Chancellor for Transnational Education), photos below.

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