Cummins engineers assist students with their final project work

Level 2 students are coming up to their final assessment date where they must present their final project work.

Tension is high on both groups of Mechanical Engineering and Control System projects as mechanical engineering students are still attempting to find voids within the resin of generator coils.

To further assist students before their final assessment gate, Cummins sent a few of their engineers along to assess the two groups work and progress.

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After evaluation of each groups work and progress, engineers from Cummins advised teams on how to proceed with testing and commented on how they were looking forward to seeing their final solutions in Gate 5.

The control systems groups have undergone a similar process, with another meeting with Jason Bradbury the teams are working their hardest constructing the final product, an electrically assisted bike that Jason will race up Michaelgate, aka Steep Hill.

Here’s a sneak peak of a few images of the teams dissembling the motor they will use for the bike in question.

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Both groups are still hard at work finalising their solutions for the project, and with only a few weeks until their final assessment, the pressure is on.

Good luck students!