Level 2 students present to industry professionals

Second year students reach their final gate and assessment for their level 2 projects.

After a challenging six months of hard work and dedication, second year Engineering students have reached their gate 5 assessment. As part of their study at the University of Lincoln, their assessments started with a brief from both Cummins and Chain Reaction Cycles and were challenged with finding a solution to an industry-led engineering problem.

Cummins set the Mechanical Systems brief; students were to find a non-destructive method of detecting voids within the resin of a generator coil, their total cost must be under £1000 and their testing costs must be under £10.

Chain Reaction Cycles working alongside Jason Bradbury set the Control Systems brief and asked teams to construct an electrically assisted bicycle for Jason to race up Steep Hill, competing with a professional uphill cyclist. Students have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into their projects, and have directly applied knowledge learnt in their studies.

Each team of students presented their solutions to a board of academics and industry professionals. This was an excellent opportunity for students to brush up on their professional practice; the assessment was constructed to replicate an actual industry pitch and required students to be smartly dressed- not forgetting their business cards!









The Mechanical Systems teams were greeted by University of Lincoln academics and engineers from Cummins. They will assess each team’s solution and provide feedback on the possibilities of their solutions and how they could adapt the concept.


The Control Systems teams presented individually and outlined which elements of the bike they produced, along with their research. Their assessments were split into two groups:

  • The first group pitched to the board- Jason Bradbury was also part of this panel and gave remarkable feedback on students and said he enjoyed working alongside them throughout this project.
  • The second set of assessments will be on Wednesday April 5th with Chain Reaction Cycles as guest board members.

The Control Systems teams will hope to develop their prototype into a roadworthy bike for Jason Bradbury to race up the infamous Steep Hill in Lincoln City. We will provide updates on the end result, so stay tuned!