The Isaac Newton Building is unveiled

University of Lincoln announces the winner of Issac Newton Building artwork competition.

The University of Lincoln invested £28m to create the Isaac Newton Building, named after one of Lincolnshire’s greatest sons, Sir Isaac Newton, who was born near Grantham. Our School of Engineering will be joined by the Schools of Maths & Physics and Computer Science. A competition to design artwork for the signature wall in the building launched in early 2017. Open to all Undergraduate, Postgraduate students, the University received 30 entries from all Schools.

The winning artwork

After much deliberation, the panel decided on artwork created by level 1 Creative Advertising students, Amelia Eddershaw and Orlagh SmithThe brief required the artwork ‘to feel appropriate to the building and be in keeping with the academic subject / nature of the environment’. The judging panel defined the winning piece as engaging and dynamic, with a high level of impact.

The artwork measures 14.5m by 8.5m and will face outward overlooking the entrance on Tritton Road.

The signature wall as it was being built