The Royal Academy of Engineering supports SPARK! Lincoln

A look back at SPARK! Lincoln Engineering Festival 2017.

This year SPARK! Lincoln Engineering Festival saw a record breaking 9000 visitors to Lincoln Cathedral to celebrate one of the UK’s most prominent industries. Over 20 companies from the Engineering industry joined the University of Lincoln in demonstrating how engineering is changing the world.

The School of Engineering, University of Lincoln, contributed to the event’s planning, showcasing the rich educational opportunities available to those wishing to study at our School.


Dr Colin Dowding said, “The School of Engineering and SPARK! have a lot more in store for members of the general public. You can enter our Go Kart competition to race in November or come join us at the University of Lincoln for a 3-day engineering experience where you’ll solve real engineering problems in July 2018. We are grateful for these unique opportunities which are backed and funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.”

To get involved in SPARK! legacy activities, contact Dr Dowding at: