Prof Tim Gordon visits HUT and CRRC in Zhuzhou, China

Our Head of School, Professor Tim Gordon, was invited to Zhuzhou, China to visit the giant Chinese railway company, CRRC, as well as the Hunan University of Technology (HUT) on 4th / 5th December 2017.

Professor Gordon’s visit to HUT was a return one, following two previous high-level delegation visits between the Lincolnshire County Council and the Hunan provincial government. Discussions took place about academic collaborations in areas of science and technology, with initial focus on Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Automation, including Agricultural technology.

The welcome sign at the entrance to Hunan University of Technology.

The welcome sign at the entrance to Hunan University of Technology.

For CRRC this was a first introduction, with focus on their next generation of Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART).

The pictures below show the new type of self-driving ‘tram-on-tyres’, currently in production by CRRC. It has a steering wheel but is fully capable of autonomous driving for use in city traffic. It has six electronically controlled axles, each of which can steer. This makes the ART highly manoeuvrable, even though it is as long as three buses.


The visit was set up by Paul Taylor, formerly CEO of Dynex Semiconductor Ltd. Paul is still based in the city of Lincoln, but now works for CRRC, a parent company of Dynex.

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