School of Engineering to host Royal Academy of Engineering public lecture

The School of Engineering is delighted to announce it will be opening its doors to host the Royal Academy of Engineering East Midlands Regional Lecture on Tuesday 17th April 2018, 5:30 – 7:30pm.

The lecture entitled, “Cutting Crime: The Role of Forensic Engineering Science” will be delivered by Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Science at Aston University.


Speaking about the upcoming lecture, the Royal Academy of Engineering said: “Sarah, who is Deputy Chair of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Diversity and Inclusion committee, is the first female Executive Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is keen to build on the School’s reputation for encouraging women into, and advancing their careers in, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).”

Forensic science encompasses a diverse range of scientific subjects where the research is used to support the law and legal practice. Engineering is one of the disciplines that can contribute to our understanding of forensic practice by applying engineering tools and techniques to the understanding of particular problems. Research in forensic engineering science has the opportunity to be high profile and have significant societal impact. Sarah and her team have been applying micro-CT and scanning electron microscopy techniques for the analysis of tool marks on bone and the talk will show how these techniques can be used to identify implements in dismemberment cases. Additionally, the team’s research has investigated the forces used in stabbing attacks with a range of implements and the talk will discuss how this adds to our insights into stabbing attacks. The audience will also be shown how the modern forensic techniques contributed to the investigation of the remains of Richard III.

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