Aleks Ferrari, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Lincoln reached the finals in IMechE’s Speak Out for Engineering Competition in September 2019.

The competition was established to help develop verbal and visual communication in explaining technical mechanical engineering-related subjects.

Read about his experience below:

Aleks reached the finals.

The IMechE Competition is for young members (students) around the UK and the premise of the competition is to deliver a twenty minute engineering based presentation of your choice to a panel representing the IMechE. You are then faced with ten minutes of questioning on your chosen topic. Different regions compete to make their way to the finals. Lincolnshire is counted as one of the two East Midlands regions, the other being Nottingham and Derby. Because Lincoln was a region in itself, the heats were held at the university where I competed with two other engineering students on September 23rd.

My presentation was all about the emerging technologies of the internal combustion engine that were trying to prevent its ‘extinction’. I won the heat in Lincoln and was subsequently invited down for the final which took place on November 29th. The finals were held in IMechE’s headquarters in Westminster, London. There was the first round of heats from eight regions across the UK, where each contestant had a time slot to present to three judges. I actually found out before my slot I was the only undergraduate there, competing against masters and PhD students!

The first heat lasted all morning and into the afternoon. I was chosen as one of the finalists where I would have to present again in a room full of engineers as well as a new panel of judges, which included the CEO of the IMechE. The other 2 finalists were PhD students, their talks being on their doctorate research, which were AI and a new type of medical stent. After all the presentation there was deliberation and I came 3rd nationally.